John Maeda TED Talk

by Ulrik


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Design demi-god and President of the Rhode Island School of Design, John Maeda, delivers another inspiring talk spanning a lifetime of work in art, design and technology. If you want to make it within design, taking 17 minutes out of your day to watch this is probably not a bad idea.

John Maeda is a pretty interesting guy. Starting out as a software engineering student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he suddenly grew fond of the arts. After finishing his bachelors and masters degrees at MIT, Maeda subsequently studied in Japan at Tsukuba University's Institute of Art and Design to complete his Ph.D. in design.

Currently one of the main authorities on the intersection between design and technology, Maeda is stunningly adept at communicating and explaining complex problems in a simple, clear and utterly lucid way. Case in point, is the ‘Maedaism’ in this TED talk: ‘People often tell me they don’t get art – I tell them: that means it’s working.’

You also get a concise summary of Maeda's earliest work and even a computer made of people. So there’s really no excuse not to hit play and let the erudite man take you to college, as Zebra Kats so eloquently puts it.