Jam City Rocks TMA-1s at Boiler Room Madrid



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The white-clad Nightslugs producer/DJ treats the Spaniards to a generous helping of forward-thinking bass music.

Jam City burst on to the scene somewhere around 2009 when FACT Magazine fell head over heels in love with the young Londoner's unique, percussive productions.

Since then it's become clear that the hype and furore surrounding this particular dancefloor don was entirely justified as he released track after track of the purest, most deletable grime-inspired house and gritty-yet-emotional-bass-music.

This Boiler Room set from Madrid is an eclectic mix of things that strikes a very appealling balance between playful party jamming and edgy, thought-provoking dance music.

Have a listen and check out more on Jam City here: