Jacques Greene Rocking TMA-1s in the Boiler Room Pitchfork After party

by Ulrik


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Jacques Greene
Boiler Room

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- in which Mr. Greene unleashes a veritable tidal wave of tight, sweat-drenched house, techno and disco house upon a diverse, equally sweat-drenched, array of eager party beavers.

Boiler Room is always a lot more fun to watch when people are dancing. We’ve witnessed an untold number of amazing sets that sort of just die on their ass when the crowd consists of two people nervously clinging on to their Red Stripe as if their lives depended on it.

Luckily, the Pitchfork crowd are a rowdy and grateful bunch: There’s the friend couple who start out by sitting down (?) and then have to rise to the occasion when the BPM starts to pick up, and there’s the tiny, spaced out girl right next to the decks who’s feeling the vibe to such an extent that she puts her head down, perhaps to avoid sensory overload. And that’s without mentioning the guy who wears sunglasses at night and seemingly charges kisses in exchange for sips from his water bottle.

It’s a varied array of players and the seriously talented Jacques Greene knows how to stoke the fires of an already heated Boiler Room with a set that takes in his own impeccable arsenal of productions as well as gems from Autre Ne Veut, Fort Romeau and Ciara. The mixing may not be 100% flawless, but we’re willing to bet that this went largely unnoticed.

Enjoy and have an unspeakably excellent weekend!