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The Dunkel Radio crew are back with another great interview featuring a dope, Berlin-based artist. This one has an interesting name. Get your fill of Robot Koch after the jump.

It's safe to say that Robot Koch is one hell of dancer. When he preformed his raging, bass-heavy live set at this year’s Trailerpark Festival, his energetic moves instantly swayed the dance floor leaving no body part unmoved. Andreas Rosendal Hayden caught up with the established German beatmaker for a chat about being a non-sleeping workaholic.

You run your own label Robot's Don't Sleep?

Actually it's not a label anymore. The name of it still exists, but I'm on Project Mooncircle now [same label as our young talented Dane and Dunkel Radio contributor Sekuoia, FIY]. I'm actually forming a band called Robots Don't Sleep. It's gonna be a full band with live singer, live drums etc. but still electronic music. Our first release is due next year.

I’ve heard you have trouble getting enough sleep?

I used to hardly get any sleep and I was in treatment for it in some years using jacuzzi and spa. One of my friends used to called me "robot" as a nickname, you know. It’s because of these two things the whole "Robots Don't Sleep" came up. But now I'm doing much better. At that time my life was just not structured. I was touring a lot, working late in the studio and I had constant jet lag. I just couldn't find the time to sleep anymore.

Were you workaholic back then?

I’m still a workaholic, but a healthier one now. Back then I was a bad workaholic.

You’re out touring a lot; do you enjoy being on the road?

You know, like, first of all I see myself as a producer, but I still like playing a lot. If I was too much in the studio it would be boring. I need to have a balance. But if I had to choose between touring and producing, I would choose producing. Touring gets really repetitive, compared to the studio where you always make something new. Performing your music on stage becomes a routine, a beautiful routine, but still just a routine.

If you had to describe you're newest LP "Cosmic Waves" as a city, which city would it be?

A city? Oh wow. I like that question! I'm going to think for a second...
It would probably be a colony on another planet. Do you know Star Wars? It would probably be Cloud City.

Words: Najaaraq Vestbirk & Andreas Rosendal Hayden

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