Interview: Peanut Butter Wolf



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Stones Throw Records
TMA-1 Stones Throw Edition

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We caught up with our new collaborator for a quick chat about the music and the TMA-1 Stones Throw Edition.

Stones Throw Records is essentially the triumphant tale of a man who stuck to his guns through thick and thin and brought about an important musical legacy. A vibrant creative hub that furthered the restless genius of Madlib, the timeless soul of J Dilla and the uncompromising electro-funk of Dam-Funk. Stones Throw Records label boss, Peanut Butter Wolf, pretty much spawned a beat-driven empire.

The label currently occupies an enviable position in the independent music landscape precisely because the crate-digging DJ never compromised his singular vision. In other words, it seems as if Peanut butter Wolf has considerable creative room to maneuver in. Which is more than can be said for most contemporary independent record labels.

We caught up with the Stones Throw founder for a quick chat about the music and of course the TMA-1 Stones Throw Edition.

Have you always aimed for eclecticism or did it just come naturally to Stones Throw?

I was eclectic in high school and college, then narrow minded when I started STH, now eclectic again.

What makes an excellent pair of headphones?

Something that sounds good, looks good, and doesn’t hurt your ears or head after hours of listening to music.

How did you guys come up with the new design features for the TMA-1 Stones Throw Edition?

I love the embossed logo on the side, but that wasn’t my idea. I didn’t envision it when I chose a circular logo for my label 18 years ago. The purple was my idea. I liked purple 30 years ago.

How has DJing changed from when you first started out?

When I started in 1984, I was the youngest DJ I knew. Now I’m the oldest one.

Which Stones Throw Record is the most memorable to you?

“My World Premier” by Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf. That’s the best one ever.

Upcoming Stones Throw releases that you’d like to highlight?

This band I signed that doesn’t have a name yet. They’re really good. The next best thing.

A tip for aspiring music entrepreneurs?

Don’t start a record label. Start a publishing company or booking agency or something related to porn.

Check out PB Wolf's incredibly amorous Valentine's mix for FACT Magazine, it's smooth like butter and one for all you lovers out there.