Interview: Legowelt Talks Dutch Electronic Music and Laments the Prevalence of ‘Flabby Tech-house’

by Ulrik


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FACT TV spent last weekend at the very promising Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam where they soaked up the vibes and shone their knowing camera light on one of the most interesting electronic producers of the 21st century. Tune in for a concise dissection of the Dutch electronic music scene as well as a few truth bombs on the state of Ibizan tech-house.

Coming out the Hague’s underground electro scene, Danny Wolfers AKA Legowelt is a man who’s seen music trends come and go. His unflinchingly uncompromising output always manages to stay ahead of the electronic bandwagon-jumpers while still remaining uniquely Legowelt, as last year’s mysterious and affecting ‘The Paranormal Soul Album’ is a noteworthy testament to.

This FACT TV interview sees him on fine form as he rants entertainingly on the general state of things. Tune in for on-point music knowledge and disdainful disses to 'flabby tech-house.'