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Henrik Vibskov

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The last blog interview of 2012 is an interesting one. Kristian caught up with the multitalented, creative phenomenon Henrik Vibskov for a quick chat about his inspirations, his business and fast-tracking between creative disciplines.

Yesterday, Danish record label Fake Diamond Records released two out of five conceptual albums by Henrik Vibskov entitled ‘Mountain Yorokobu’, a project that can be seen an acoustic backlash on the pervasive digitalization of contemporary music.

Conceived and curated by Henrik Vibskov, each Mountain Yorokobu session is essentially an improvised live performance that features varying musicians, concepts, locations and sounds. For each of these sessions, Vibskov explores a different genre of music in a new location: from bluegrass to ambient; and from a museum garden to an abstract, round room. Each session has its own unique mood, space and time. Vibskov usually kicks-off the session with a rhythm, a polytonic loop or an audio recording, and the assembled musicians subsequently use their instinct and intuition to develop the piece in a new direction.

The latest Vibskov project just goes to show that Henrik Vibskov is one of a kind – or one of many kinds at a time. To describe him as fashion designer would be too constraining. The Copenhagen-based Dane has exhibited at MoMa, played with Trentemøller, realized innovative stage and interior design, and headed one of the most experimental, trendsetting and avant-garde fashion brands in Scandinavia. As such, he is perhaps best characterized as a phenomenon. An inspiring maverick in all of his facets, and a leader in a new era of creativity.

Henrik was born in 1972 in Kjellerup, a Danish village with a population of 4,795 located 17 km from the closest town, and he has been playing drums since the age of 13. Moreover, he has proceeded to perform around the globe: from small clubs in Tokyo, to big festivals such as Glastonbury and Roskilde and over the last 5 years he has been touring with the likes of Trentemøller and Mikael Simpson.

Today Vibskov has stores in New York and Copenhagen and has been exhibiting at PS1 – MoMa, Palais de Tokyo, Akira Ikeda Gallery in Nagoya, Sothebys Gallery (NYC), ICA in London, Zeeuws Museum (NL) and Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris, in collaboration with Elmgreen & Dragset – just to name a few.

We caught up with the versatile artist/designer for a quick chat about about his multi-creative business.

K: Who or what inspires you? Are you an inexhaustible inspiration source or do you have to search for it sometimes?

HV: Everything from my family, to people on the streets, the insides of my fridge or accidental online findings.

K: Have you always been creative or is it something that you discovered later on in life?

HV: My mum says that I had always been a bit twisted... I think the opposite. It's all good.

How does music influence your design?

HV: Hm, they often go hand in hand. In the shows we do one can see this clearly, it's one mood-universe.

K:You're living in a creative universe of art, music and fashion – is it one world to you or do you have to commute between them?

HV: Fast tracking, short cuts.

K:What are your biggest strengths?

HV: Patience.

K: What accomplishment in your career are you most proud of to date?

HV: Being able to employ an own crew, various shows, a 10-year anniversary, being nominated a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Mode Masculine in Paris.

K: What’s next for you in the upcoming months?

HV: An exhibition at Galerie des Galeries in Paris, a sound performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington, a ballet in Norway.