InstaCRT: The Camera Filter that Keeps It Real



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Or the physical, real world version of Instagram, not affiliated with Instagram. It Applies a real world filter to your digital photos and it’s dope as hell, if you ask us.

The filter on the following photos gives the images a sort of enticingly eerie, witch house-vibe that makes a fun new alternative to your Instagram portfolio. This is generated by a new DIY- technology called InstaCRT app, which is available in the app store and that's nice enough and all that.

But what if we were to tell you that the filter is applied in the real, physical world instead of digitally. Check out the above demonstration video. It totally makes a difference, right?

In an increasingly digital world where we spend half of our day plowing through virtual material on social media, a real tangible camera that upgrades your photos in an instant is just what the doctor ordered, right after she diagnosed you with ‘Facebook-fatigue syndrome’.

This is how it works: You take a photo, use the app that sends the image to InstaCRT, which sets off the real camera that applies the real world filter and then sends it back to you. Simple, effective and hassle-free.

Of course, the philosophocal discussion about what’s real and what’s not isn’t one we have the mental wherewithal to go into on a Friday afternoon. Suffice it to say that the filter looks great and that the Swedish developers have come up with a rather brilliant and unique concept.