iFLash One Bike Lights by KiBiSi

by Ulrik


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‘Winter is coming’, as they say with a grave and ominous air in Game of Thrones. As the days get shorter and our bikes increasingly inadequately lit, we inhabitants of Scandinavia start to equip our bikes with lights to ensure our safe passage through the dark nights of Winterfell (also known as Scandinavia). And this winter we’re in luck as KiBiSi’s new magnetically attachable bike lights are one step ahead of the game in terms of usability, design and basically everything you can think of.

According to our buddy, co-conspirator and KiBiSi-designer, Lars Larsen, our partners' latest innovation, iFlash One:’Is designed with a holistic approach merging light and fitting into one object with an overall and simple DNA.

iFlash One uses magnets for easy attachment - you effortlessly click the light onto a magnetic base, which is permanently fixed to your bike’s handlebars or seat post and when you’ve connect iFlash, it turns on automatically.

We have to say that - even though we may be a tiny bit biased - these lights do look quite stylish and exceptionally useful.

KiBiSi does it again. Get them here