New Hot Chip Video for ’Night & Day’



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Hot Chip

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Our favorite fivesome release a trippy new video for their latest bounce-tastic single.

So far, everyone who’s posted this video on Facebook, Twitter and what have you, have incredulously said: ’what’s going on in this here video’ or: ‘Wow, this is really weird’.

Now, while we do agree that Hot Chip’s latest video is placed somewhere out in the leftfield in the current world of music videos, all we can say is this: we watched MTV Europe in the mid 90s when it was just a plain given that videos were weird, meaningless and, at times, slightly traumatizing for our young eyes. You’ll get no sympathy from us.

Deal with the jogging monks, the supermodel/afro-contaning spaceship, the boarding school (or whatever the hell it is) and get about your business. Brap.