Hhappiness @ Trailerpark Festival

by Diana


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Diana says you should check out Hhappiness. Do it now!

Seeing all the happy people who attended this year's Trailerpark Festival, I can say that anyone who helps to make Copenhagen a more fun and friendly place to be has my blessings. And with the presence of bands like Hhappiness they definitely knew how to make me hhappy.

It's no news that the concept of happiness resonates with the image of Scandinavian countries, like, big time. So coming from Sweden and naming your band this, makes a lot of sense - perhaps too much. This could be why these smart boys were like: “Hey, but we don't wanna be too conspicuous” and then put an extra “h” in their name. Then the people were like, “But why? What is it doing there? I don't understand!” - and that is the story (I just made up) about how they managed to shun the boring and the predictable and turned out to be very interesting. And perhaps, like this extra “h” in their name, it was their slightly polluted sound, occasional cosmic undertones, noisy solos that evolved into short cathartic parts that led to a perfect climax every now and then, which made them sound so good at one of the festival's stages, on the sunny Saturday afternoon.

It was my first encounter with the band, and having only released their first 7 inch "Bananas EP" with a couple of tracks on it a few months ago, you may not be all that familiar with them either. Being known as the ones who picked up an “h” along the way, they however have another cool thing about them - they share a drummer with our Danish Thulebasen and also contributed to their latest EP with a remix of their song “Forever Grinning”.

Check out the single from their first official release and go bananas like they did at Trailerpark!