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Check out this amazing Hunter S. Thompson inspired animation 'Metamorphosis' made for Good Books. A rambling rant in classic gonzo style, which will leave you feeling 'somewhere on the edge of Barstow'

This came out out a couple of months ago, but did for reasons unknown, not catch our all seeing Sauron-like eye until now. This amazing animation was done by the US-based design collective Buck to promote Good Books, an online bookseller that passes all it's profits through to Oxfam.

It is an homage to the late and great writer Hunter S. Thompson and based on a script by NZ based production agency String Theory, in which 'Hunter' is ranting in classic gonzo-style about his need to buy Franz Kafka's book Metamorphosis - though 'not to read Kafka's insane ramblings or his disdain for punctuation', which leaves H feeling like a 'tethered goat', but because the novella with it's precise 8,5 mm is perfect to 'counteract the uneven floor of the Aspen hut, he's currently sharing with his ex-wife's Dobermen'

We've enjoyed every second of this great animated piece, which channels the notorious drug fueled rants of HST in great way and for a good cause. in order to avoid any misunderstandings we'll quote the disclaimer from Buck here: 'What you will see is an entirely fictional and completely unendorsed representation. [Though we humbly suggest Hunter S Thompson might have liked it.] We are devoted fans paying homage. No disrespect is intended'.

Above is the full animation and here is an in-depth interview with the Buck team and below are some beautiful style frames