Glenn Branca – Sounds from the Subconscious

by Ulrik


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When Glenn Branca, one of the most prolific and prominent voices to come out of New York’s late 70s - 80s musical avant-garde, speaks you really should listen. Not only because his uncompromising attitude to musical experimentation is considered to be one of the main forerunners of bands like Sonic Youth, but also for the reason that his singular, wonderfully winding and fucked up take on the guitar sounds as fresh and relevant today as it did some 30-40 years ago. Provinding an insight into the artistic subconscious that contributed significantly to tearing open the fabric of popular music, this short but sweet interview with the Louisiana Channel is also good for a few shrewdly perceptive, creative truths along the way.

Word of warning: if this is your first introduction to Glenn Branca’s music you should probably do yourself the favour of making a little digital pit stop here:

If you want to fully grasp the soaring, electrifying musical impulses that flow from the legendary musician’s guitar.

It’s not that the performance clips in this video aren’t good, it’s just that they need a bit of context to be fully appreciated and not dismissed as ‘surly artist steps on guitar’ and consequently ‘emperor’s new clothes-nonsense’ by the more popularly minded.

That would, in our opinion, be a damn shame as Glenn Branca is most definitely the real deal; an incredible talent who demonstrates the irreprehensible fact that it very rarely, if ever, gets any cooler than New York’s 70s – to 80s avant-garde.

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