Glenn Astro's AIAIAI Mixtape



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Glenn Astro
Tartelet Records

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Hot on the heels of his recent Boiler Room appearance, Tartelet Record’s rising, Essen-based signing Glenn Astro found the time to make us a mixtape chock-full of dusty, trip hop-y beats and electronic soul (with a bit of Discovery-era Daft Punk thrown in for good measure), which celebrates the release of his new EP. Yes indeed, Glenn Astro’s AIAIAI Mixtape might very well be your doorway to obtaining that coveted weekend mojo.

Glenn Astro has spent a bit more than half his life DJing and producing. Initially starting out in hip-hop, the up-and-coming talent recently shifted gears and focused his ears on dance music.

After his first house-leaning releases in 2011 and 2012, Glenn really went for it in 2013 with a trio of EPs, showing that hip-hop's soul and house music's drive are in no way mutually exclusive. He may embrace the latter these days, but when you close your eyes and let his gritty low-end do its dirty work, you'll hear plenty of the former's bump still kicking around in there.

Including a wealth of different but similar tracks that take you on rowdy ride through Glenn Astro’s diverse, beat-driven universe, this mixtape is a good indication of where Tartelet’s new wave of young upstarts are at right now.

Don’t sleep on Glenn Astro's new 'Chemistry EP', which drops just in time for the weekend AKA today on Tartelet Records.