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Ghostly International, our discerning friends who have given us so much good music over the years, have slowly moved away from being ‘just’ a record label and branched out into art, style, pop-up shops and most recently: sugar. More specifically, they’ve created a remarkable limited art edition of Beacon’s new album ‘The Ways We Separate’. Housed in a sculpture cast in sugar and epoxy, the latest Ghostly innovation should make an eye-catching addition to your record collection.

Collaborating with Brooklyn-based sculptor Fernando Mastrangelo, this limited edition package is produced in an exclusive edition of 20 (plus 3 APs) and will set you back 200 bucks

As always, Ghostly’s output lands on the tasteful side of whimsical and the end result is a rather stunning concept and an interesting new angle on promoting an album in the age of declining record sales. An angle which is, of course, supported by an great-sounding album from Beacon.

Check it out here: