Gerry Read - '90s Prostitution Racket'

by Rasmus


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If you still aren't sure what exactly a 90's Prostitution Racket is, Gerry Read is more than willing to teach you. Here's a little hint: you can dance to it.

Gerry Read has quickly emerged as one of the hottest act on today's house scene. Even though he is only barely past his teenage years, Read has already released music on Fourth Wave, 2nd Drop, and Dark Arx in the last year and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Now, he is moving up the ranks from Fourth Wave to parent label Ramp Recordings with what just might be his catchiest track title yet; "90's Prostitution Racket."

There is more to "90's Prostitution Racket," however, than just a clever (or cheesy, depending on who you ask) title. Somewhere between piano and calypso-house, Read mixes soulful female vocals with a warm groove. As we're approaching the end of an extra-long February, you might even say that it has a certain __spring-y flavor__. Now go find somewhere sunny and rock out.

Stream the whole thing below and pick up a copy of the translucent yellow vinyl through Records Are My Pillow: