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David Rinman

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Beat Match is an ingenious, interactive, collaborative ping pong game that merges sound and image. It’s pretty simple: you control music and graphics through playing with your partner. Sound and image follow the tempo and rhythm of your game, which means that the music stops when you stop. The challenge, then, is to keep a steady beat for as long as possible to create a consistent track.

The brainchild of 22-year-old Swedish designer and technology ingenue, David Rinman, the audiovisual experiment that is Beat Match not only looks incredible, it actually forces the participants to cooperate in a fun and immediately accessible way.

And the choice of music for this particular game is on-point. Who in their right mind would want to mess up the bliss-inducing beats of Siriusmo and Com Truise?

This is a case of sound, image, creativity and taste coming together and making sweet, unfettered love to one another. David, if you’re out there, we wouldn’t mind having one of these badboys installed in the AIAIAI office!