Friday ACID post: Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat

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We're very much about ACID here at AIAIAI.

We’re an ACID-friendly establishment that fully supports the rights of ACID-lovers everywhere. The right to assembly in larger ACID congegrations, we believe is an essential ACID necessity and thus a cornerstone of the rave. If you’re against ACID, speak now or forever hold your peace. Or something.

Anyways, you might as well get used to these kind of half-assed acid intros because we plan on cooking up more stupid excuses to post acid videos in the future. This particular video is interesting because it’s from 1982. And Charanjit Singh, the guy that wrote these exotic compositions, is from Mumbai.

Before these gems were discovered, everyone agreed that acid house originated in Chicago, somewhere around 1987. As, one of the best, most knowledgeable online music shops puts it, Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat: ’sounds like Aphex’s Analord transported to early 80s Mumbai.’ In our humble opinions, it’s hard to get better than that.

But hey, why are you reading a blog when it’s Friday? Go forth and shred the weekend into tiny little acidic pieces, my ACID brethren.