Friday ACID Post # 9



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Boddika graces our ACID post once again. And with good reason.

If you’re in need of material for an ACID post, who ya gonna call? BOD – DIKA! That’s right, you can always count on the main machine-music man from London to come up with the acidic goods, if you’re stuck in an ACID-less rut. Not that we are, of course. The well NEVER runs dry in the AIAIAI Ministry of ACID. Just saying that if we were, he’d be the first guy we’d turn to…What?

Acid Jackson isn’t a new track, it is in fact almost a year old. However, the squelchy banger doesn’t get a proper release until 2 weeks from now. By which time, we’ll be snapping up a copy of this funk-filled slice of uplifting, oldschool acid and playing it until our stereo is begging for mercy.

Is there a better way to take us into the weekend? No.