Friday ACID Post # 7



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Get busy to the sounds of the new acid underground, the sounds of the incomparable Boddika.

Peeps, we're not sure how it happened but we let you down last week and forgot to give you an ACID post. Last Friday shall from hence forth remain a dark day in the history of the Friday ACID post.

The only way to make it up to you is to give you so much ACID that you'll be vomiting squelchy 303 bass lines for the next week - right up until the next ACID post. The man responsible for this acid horn 'o plenty, will none other than Boddika, the man named after the villain in the first Robocop movie and the most geezer-y man in techno.

Get schooled in acid old, new and evil in this excellent Boddika mix from Boiler Room.