Friday ACID Post # 6 - It's Competition Time!





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Friday ACID post suddenly got real on your asses. We're giving away this limited edition 'Acid Rock' poster to celebrate that our graphic designer, Kasper, just released an acid-influenced album with his band Spleen United. And because, you know, we like acid more than most people. All you have to do is answer two questions.

Because this is an AIAIAI x Spleen United joint, you have to answer two questions to get your hands on the 'Acid Rock' poster; the first is about Kasper's band and the second is about the infamous acid smiley.


Name two tracks off Spleen United's new album, 'School of Euphoria'.

Who is the earliest known designer of the smiley?

To enter, go to our Facebook and drop us your answers in the comments below the competition update. We'll draw a winner from the all the entries. We have 10 posters up for grabs, so get on that train to acidville and send us your answers!