Friday ACID Post # 17

by Ulrik


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DMX Krew

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In which DMX Krew gets his long overdue ACID post feature.

The fact that DMX Krew AKA Ed DMX hasn’t yet been featured in the ACID post is just plain weird. He’s the man who has on so many occasions swept the AIAIAI ACID division off our feet with his princely long locks and analogue machine wizardry. When immersed in the sounds of this particular electronic knight in shining armor, we go weak at the knees and become frail, swooning maidens who would like nothing better than to be locked in our chastity towers, so that we could let Ed save us on a trusty white steed made entirely out of underground electro.

Why am I employing these fruity, medieval similes, you s ask? Well, because he made this track:

And by God, if that doesn’t have you gasping for more and chanting the name of Britain's first Normann king like a Dungeons & Dragons-playing loon, you need your ears examined, sonny Jim.

But that’s not the track that you must listen to with your full and undivided attention right this minute. It is, in fact the above monster of an acid banger, which is the sort of track that’s will never go out of style because it’s just so fucking ruthless.

Enjoy the track and your weekend.