Friday Acid Post #12: New School Special



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It's high time we bigged up the current generation of acid, rave and house.

To some of you the weekly fetishising of a genre that had its heyday from ‘88- '92 must seem a bit backwards. And we have to concur there’s only so many times you can listen to Voodoo Ray. Only a certain amount of minutes you can dance yourself into a trance while wearing white gloves and blowing rave whistles.

We are actually down with culture that likes to push things forward, as Mike Skinner puts it. Contemporary producers with a solid grasp around the roots of dance music and the ability to take acid and rave into the present through bold, new experiments hold a very special place in our dark, acid-pumping hearts.

Consider this playlist an extension of that fondness. There’s quite simply so much good new school rave and acid out there at the moment that ignoring it all would make us dumber than an acid house granddad who never went home from the rave. He’s had his turn and so has oldschool acid. At least where this post is concerned.

Intriguingly, acid seems to be reaching some sort of tipping point at the moment. Maybe there’s even a 2012 Ravey Summer of Love on the horizon? If and when it hits let it be known that AIAIAI did this new acid thing first and that we plan to claim all cred and groupies that flow in the direction of acid… Just kidding!(sort of).

Okay, less talk, more acid. Here are 10 new school acid, house and rave tracks that float our boat/forces us to make questionable hand gestures when inebriated. Hardcore, you know the score.

Lone - 'Crystal Caverns 1991'

Holy crap, here comes UK producer Lone with a track that'll no doubt make everyone and your dad lose their shit when played at a summer festival. The rave force is strong in this one. Use in moderation lest you get too loved up.

James T. Cotton - 'Oochie Coo'

Ghostly head and acid house purist, James T. Cotton, joins forces with Seth Troxler for a deeper than deep track exemplifying everything that's so deliciously hard, heavy and uncompromising about the genre.

Canyons - 'See Blind Through'

Eccentric Aussies explore the outer limits of house on this irresistibly wonky joint. Sometimes slow is the way to go.

Semtex - 'West Acyd Shelter' (Photonz' LXF Remix)

Our favorite Lisbon-based duo remix Semtex' 'West Acyd Shelter' and make everyone high on life in the process

Levon Vincent - 'Love Technique'

New York-based producer Levon Vincent is a king among acid house kings, which this banging track showcases in all its glory.

DJ Haus 'Needin U'

This track and its promo make us as overjoyed as that old dude who listened to music from his era for the first time in ages. We're basically him with smiley face tees when someone pumps up the volume on DJ Haus' 'Needin U'.

Hercules & Love Affair - 'My House'

The most fabulous group of homos in the entire universe have so many good tracks that choosing one becomes an insurmountable task. Wait a minute, no it doesn't. We'll just pick the most acid-y one. Safe.

Legowelt - 'Sark Island Acid'

From where we're sitting, Danny Wolfers is one of the greatest electronic musicians ever, dead and living, so hooray for Legowelt and and his drum machine-wizardry, we say. On 'Sark Island Acid', he uses the 303 to characteristicaly deep, smudged and cinematic effects.

Azari & III - Indigo

Dark, sinister and heavy; everything a new school acid track should be. And then some.

Korallreven - Sa Sa Samoa (Elite Gymnastics Remix)

This Elite Gymnastics remix of the great Korallreven actually manages to pay homage to the golden days of rave without falling (too far) into the nostalgia trap. Hats off to that.

That's it for this week. Have a massive weekend and big up the rave crew!