Friday ACID Post #11



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In which we get schooled/taken to college/taught some knowledge by a 16-year-old.

Okay, so this week’s ACID post features a guy who’s 16-EFFING-YEARS-OLD. As if having young Mclaughlin, the ‘swagged-out’ 3D animation intern on the AIAIAI premises wasn’t enough to make you feel over the hill, Danish-based Jonas K.P. is already making beats good enough to catch the attention of our graphic designer’s band, who’ve subsequently taken quite a shine to the young whippersnapper and brought him on tour with them.

Kasper has actually expressed wishes to adopt Jonas on account of the tightness of his skills and to be totally and utterly honest with you, we wouldn’t mind having him sit around the office making dreamy, electronic beats for us. It would make a nice soundtrack to our lunch.

This particular track is a superb, gauzy remix of Spleen United’s Gitte Nielsen-featuring track,’Misery’. By no means is it one for the acid purists (the first 4 minutes are actually nowhere near acid house), but if you’re pining for that acid hit we suggest you fast forward to around 4:00 where the 303 begins its bubbly ascent to the surface and finally lets it rip in a crisp and bouncy, full-on acid assault.

We’re sure Jonas won’t mind if you feel so inclined. He’s just turned 16, so he’s probably more concerned with girls or online role-playing or whatever is it the kids are into these days.

Now hand me a pipe and some slippers and send me on my way.