Friday ACID Post #10



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Brought to you live from the AIAIAI ACID Dungeon, it's the 10th consecutive ACID Post.

A lot of questions and not many answers when it comes to the video for Tragic Error's 'Tanzen'. What's with the statues? Why are there 3 girls and one dude in the bouncing dance crew? And perhaps most pressing of all: how can this be one of the catchiest new beat anthems ever made when the male 'vocalist' sounds like Shrek being dragged through a tunnel made entirely out of asbestos while in a 'roided-out K-hole?

I wish there were answers to give, but the fact remains that the acidopological scholars have yet to unearth any convincing data in the matter. Anyways, who cares? Just listen to the track and get down like Bobby Brown dressed like a clown in Chinatown. Easy.