Friday ACID Post #15



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Aphex Twin

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Friends, ravers, dancing men, lend me your ears. So that I may melt them them with the acidic might of the Analord series.

Last year when Richard D. James AKA Aphex Twin visited the Strøm festival here in Copenhagen the sense of anticipation was surprisingly subdued. Fan boys like myself had gotten older and more cynical, which is probably why some of us were doubting whether the so-called ‘Mozart of electronic music’ still had the power to transport us to places of warped, electronically-induced bliss as he had done when we were in our impressionable teens.

Lesson learned: never, EVER underestimate the brutal and sinister, tank-driving force that is Aphex Twin. He came, he saw, he obliterated all in a devastating display of power showing us that his peers may have learned a few of his tricks, but there’s still quite a way to go for the young upstarts if they plan on toppling this particular rave veteran.

Case in point is the Analord series from the 00s in which he indulges his love for house, rave and, most importantly, analogue acid and delivers characteristically ingenious, off-kilter results sprinkled with skittering, erratic, hooks to die for. At the time, fathoming the true greatness of this series was, perhaps, not an easy thing to do. As with so many of Richard D James’ tracks he was a least a couple of years ahead of the game. But fast forward to 2012 and we’re more than ready to dust off the Analord vinyls and bust body-popping moves to the electrifying sounds of a modern eccentric. There really isn't anyone quite like Richard D James.

Get on it, and set all phasers to kill as we move into the weekend...