Fredagsbar Featuring Tomas Barfod (DJ set) - Today at 5pm



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Now that everyone's had ample time to get over New Year's Eve, we thought it was high time to get back into the swing of things with a Friday bar. Dive headfirst into 2013 with Tomas Barfod on the decks and free Red stripes for all.

Friday. The day that seems so far away on a Monday and so delightfully, nay giddily present come Thursday. We trust that your transition into the new year was as smooth as can be and that you've regained enough strength to come have drinks with us this Friday.

Tomas Barfod will be serving up a potpourri of the latest and greatest from his ever-expanding record collection and our very own store manager Jon AKA Beatable has revealed that he'll be treating us with a generous helping of tropical bass, the kind of bass that keep the girls grinding and the boys shouting random obscenities such as 'BATTY!'.

See you at 5pm!