Frank Ocean - 'Thinkin bout You'

by Rasmus


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Frank Ocean

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The potty-mouthed, dark R&B wunderkind's mellow, new single comes complete with zombies, horses and tipis.

What do Odd Future and Backstreet Boys have in common? Although it doesn't seem like there would be many similarities between LA's finest trouble makers and Florida's 90s pop sensation, they're connected through a certain Christopher Breaux. Breux - under the alias Lonnie Breaux - used to be a songwriter for a number of artists including the mighty Backstreet Boys. Currently, Breaux might still be better known under his new alias; Frank Ocean.

Fueled by a number of mixtapes and singles, Ocean has managed to achieve a fair amount of success (along with threats of a lawsuit from Eagles' front man Don Henley, but that's a different story). Along with a feature on the new Odd Future mixtape, Ocean is now also dropping his newest single.

'Thinkin Bout You' is about as mellow as it gets in the world of Frank Ocean. Gone are the stories of Coachella escapade and dubious breakfasts menus. Instead, Ocean balances a soft, soothing r'n'b backdrop with a vulnerable falsetto. His ear for catchy melodies is still unparalleled, and it's not hard to hear why his songwriting talent would be a hot commodity. Unlike that of The Backstreet Boys, however, Ocean's music still has an innocent sense of playfulness to it.

Check out the video above where zombies, horses, and tipis find each together in a beautiful (yet somewhat disturbing) union.