FRAGMENT: Michael Mayer



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The man, the myth, the Mayer; Producer, DJ legend and Kompakt co-founder Michael Mayer was kind enough to let us corner him before he played another one of his characteristically excellent marathon sets at Culture Box. We had a quick chat about his DJing, the enduring resillience of vinyl and his plans for 2014.

When Wolfgang Voigt, Jürgen Paape and Michael Mayer AKA Cologne’s answer to the Belleville three, started Kompakt records back in the late 90s, we suspect they didn’t really know what they were in for.

Over the course of the last 20 years they have not only become a tastemaking electronic institution, but the sort of dynamic cultural hub that fans of dance music the world over refer to in reverent, hushed tones.

Central to the continuing success of the label is one Michael Mayer, a man whose tireless promotion of life-changing music should earn him some kind of gilded techno trophy, at the very least.

As you’ve probably realized by now, we can’t get enough of this talented, knowledgeable and amicable German. Moreover, if your pleasure centers have yet to take a steady, relentless pummeling at one of his DJ gigs we dare say it’s high time you woke up and smelled the Kompakt.