FRAGMENT: Buraka Som Sistema



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Buraka Som Sistema
Red Bull Studios Copenhagen

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For the latest installment in the FRAGMENT interview series we caught up with Lisbon’s finest, most restless originators of the rapidly rising, global phenomenon that is tropical bass music. DJ Riot and Branko (who were a little tired from the excellent CPH:DOX x Red Bull Music Academy gig that they played the night before) came by our Copenhagen office to drop some fresh knowledge on their influences, the new Buraka Som Sistema documentary and why they’re definitely not ‘Indiana Jones in search of the lost ark of beats. ’

If this is your first introduction to Buraka Som Sistema the interview requires a little background information: the group has been active since 2006, their music is a heady mix of Kuduro rythms and European electronic music and they're widely held as originators of the tropical bass the scene, which draws its influences from all over the world but primarily concerns itself with lesser-known/under the radar musical hotspots like Angola.

If you'd like to delve deeper into the Buraka universe, we can recommend checking out the brilliant 'Off the Beaten Track' documentary that paints a hectic portrait of an eclectically-minded, forward-thinking group of creatives who are determined to do things their own way - which brings about music that really doesn't sound like anything else out there.

Thanks to Dj Riot and Branko for being good sports and coming down to have a chat in our store. Press play and watch them do their thing.