First there was District 9, Now We Have Elysium

by Ulrik


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District 9

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Well, we’ll have it by the end of summer, at least. If you, like us, found yourself deeply immersed in Neill Blomkamp’s unconventional, South African Sci-fi thriller, you’ll want to get a good look at this very promising new teaser. Featuring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, Blomkamp has gone from the indie circuit to big budget blockbuster territory – and by the looks of this trailer, he just might pull it off.

Yes indeed, Elysium could very well prove to be the well-designed dystopian futuristic fuel that keeps our nerdy sci-fi hearts beating in robotic unison this August. There are, of course, potential pitfalls. It wouldn’t be the first time an indie star’s vision was corrupted by Hollywood and the sheer scale of this movie makes you wonder if things can be kept as tight, intense and surprising as the dark and uncompromising vision of the future that was District 9.

Then again, Jodie Foster is an interesting choice as the immaculate, white-clad mayor of Elysium and the Bourne Identity definitely had its moments, so maybe everything is right on track? Fingers crossed.

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