First Hover Bike


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Aerofex Corp

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So science finally decided to wise up and get their act together. This is a test flight on the Hover Bike. A bike that allows the rider to float over the ground.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, and it's not a UFO either. The video is released by Aerofex Corp and shows a bike with no wheels, hovering around in the Mojave desert, up to 5 meters in the air and reaching 45 km/h. The hovering action is provided by two ducted rotors on the underside of the vehicle that spin in opposite directions.

The maneuvering is controlled like a motorcycle, by leaning from one side to another. With this new technology we are one step closer to being Luke Skywalker, riding on his "speeder bike" chasing down scout troopers. Hover Bike enlivens the boy dreams of flying and brings a touch of the future into reality.

Until now the hover bike is planned to be developed as unmanned drones, with the purpose of patrolling borders with no roads.

We sure are hungry for seeing more and some day hovering down the street.