Field Trip After Party in Australia


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Field Trip
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This Friday AIAIAI Australia are proudly presenting an epic get together for leading creatives, and we think you should go.

Again with the irresistible event. AIAIAI Australia, you sure are living it up down there in Melbourne. Listen to this: Field Trip is, in short, a creative conference, where guest speakers (Jacky Winter artists) are no longer required to stand on stage and discuss their way through a power point presentation of their work.

In other words, Field Trip puts a unique and interesting twist on things. The guests are from a variety of mediums, illustration, graphics, animation, photography, installation, and so on. They’re given a work brief live on stage and are asked to either discuss the creative process involved or create live, so the audience can see the inner workings of the mental strategy involved in a creative project/job.

And AIAIAI will, of course, be hosting what promises to be quite the grand shindig of an after party! Held at the Order of Melbourne Bar, we’ve put together a string of DJs from our extended family and a variety of styles

So get yourself down there on Friday. That’s an order - and we’re not kidding.