Festival of Endless Gratitude

by Diana




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Festival of Endless Gratitude

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It must be the feeling of an endless gratitude in the air that makes this festival such a special place to be each year. We do not recommend missing this one. Starting today, September the 2oth!

The Festival of Endless Gratitude is just around the corner and what better things have you got scheduled than to go there? That's what I thought. The music is as good as your best summer vacation, people are as sweet as honey from the Congo Jungle, the food as delish as your mom's, and for these and many other reasons, the festival has found a special place in many people's hearts.

The first time I attended FOEG I wouldn't have thought a festival of this kind (the relative obscurantism of which may seem to make it a bit less approachable) could be so easy to fall for. But that's exactly what happened. The atmosphere is so welcoming and diverse that you get the feeling that you'll fit in no matter what.

With their new location and yet another killer lineup, the Festival of Endless Gratitude could potentially become your no.1 gala event of 2012 and a great hang out spot that fills you with inspiration. Go fall in love with it head over heels this weekend at Music House Copenhagen and don't worry about having your heart broken - FOEG will love you back.

To get the taste of this year's music programme and an overview of the practical info follow the links.