Electronic Music Week on Network Awesome

by Diana


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Network Awesome

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Network Awesome, the best thing to hit the internet since the GIF, just had Electronic Music Week. Time to start drooling.

Electronic music freaks, behold - you will shed tears of joy watching this!

Last week Network Awesome put together programming consisting of everything spectacular about the history of electronic music. From the BBC Radiophonic Workshop to House music, 90s Rave, Electro Punk, Acid House, Drum and Bass and various producers of today. Their team of 25 video curators selected and crafted unique collections of videos to compliment the most interesting documentaries and art- and feature-films.

Each day the programming started with a different genre as highlighted in their ongoing weekly series of “Live Music Show” collections and the guest curators of these LMS's for the week included Mouse on Mars, Soul Clap and Kid 606. On Thursday they put on an episode of the hit music video program 120 Megabytes, co-presented by tastemaker blog 20jazzfunkgreats.

The programming also featured the most influential and progressive electronic musicians like Jean-Jacques Perrey, Giorgio Moroder, theremin marvel Clara Rockmore, tape music pioneers, as well as a stunning collection of IDM classics and everything you'd ever wanted to see about Aphex Twin. Essentially, tons of stuff that hasn't been spotted before that everyone can get into.

Enough said though; have a look for yourself in their Special Events archive where the whole week's programming has its place now.

Next mindblowing special is going to be Hip Hop week, so stayed tuned!