Efterklang’s 4th album, Piramida, is Out Next Week

by Annette


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And what better way to warm up than with the first single from that album?

The video for ”Hollow Mountain” is directed by Danish Oodls and features an abundant compilation of photos taken from the band’s trip to the ghost town Piramida on the island Spitsbergen located close to the North Pole.

And why would they travel to such a cold abandoned place? Well, being the arty, chill-resistant northerners that they are, Efterklang went there to gather inspiration and sounds for their new album, Piramida.

With this in mind as well as the usual experimental tunes we hear from Efterklang, we’re going to venture a guess that the new Efterklang holds some spectacular songs.

Actually, we’re not guessing. NPR is streaming the entire album and if you’re just as impatient as us we highly recommend heading over there and having a good, long listen.