"Eclipse/Blue" by Daito Manabe


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Daito Manabe
Nosaj Thing
Creators Project

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The L.A.-based musician Nosaj Thing released “Eclipse/Blue” a few months ago. The track is great but the video is...hard to put into words. The visual made by the artist Daito Manabe who teamed up with takcom, Satoru Higa, and MIKIKO to direct this masterpiece, is produced by the Creators Project, the ongoing, seriously fruitful collab between Intel and Vice. The video expresses a hypnotic compelling perceptional universe of optical illusions and movement.

By using Point Grey high-speed cameras it is possible to track and capture the dancers’ movements and create an effect that controls the visual projection.

By projecting the visuals on to the moving bodies and the background, the creators designed a dynamic virtual environment and a space in time that one cannot describe only by words. SO WATCH IT and be thrilled.