Dyskograph: The Graphic Disc Reader that lets You Draw Music

by Ulrik


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Here's a mesmerizing installation that invites visitors to draw on a disc with a felt tip pen, which is then translated into a musical sequence to rather startling effects.

According to the creators of the Dyskograph, Jesse Lucas, Erwan Raguenes & Yro: ‘The dematerialisation of the props having led to an ignorance of the principles of recording and reading music, this installation leads to the rediscovery of a perceptible contact with recorded music and by this means, to the deduction of how it works.'

This makes quite a bit of sense when you see the brilliant and stunning simplicity of this musical device that effectively lets you draw a piece of music. Through the intuitive musical doodling you get an immediate, very physical sense of the fundamental building blocks of music that not only looks mesmerizing but sounds amazing.

This is how it works: ‘The notion of a loop, closely linked to electronic music, is represented here by the cycle of the disk. The disk passes indefinitely in front of a camera fixed onto an arm. This substitution for the needle converts the drawing into sound by way of a specific application program (software). Through this system, the sequential ordering of music is learnt in a playful way, at the same time creating a unique object, souvenir of the musical composition.’

At time where most of us have been removed from the physicality of music through the immaterial digitalization of sound, the Dyskograph makes an ingenious attempt at recapturing the tangible, organic side of music for everyone.