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Julius Steinhoff
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In which Andreas reps a deep winter banger from Smallville records' Julius Steinhoff.

Julius Steinhoff of Hamburg-based Smallville Records recently released his 2nd solo EP “So Glad” and we here at Dunkel Radio are total suckers for this label!

With acts like Christopher Rau, Moomin and Smallpeople all releasing analog summery deep house, many of their 12”s are always to be found in our records bags as they've contributed a lot of both inspiring and quality deep house tracks throughout the years.

This track by Julius really shows the dark and atmospheric side of him. It makes me feel like winter time has arrived. Starting off with a kick and a deep bassline, the song develops into a dreamy soundscape with delay chords and a vocal sample that puts the song in its right place. Perfect for putting a little spark in the cold weekend!