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Dunkel Radio's Mini-guide to Hamburg


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As an electronic music lover passing through Hamburg, there are at least 2 places you must check out.

Smallville Record Store

If you have daytime to kill, the Smallville record store on Hein-Hoyer-Strasse is the perfect place to chill. You will probably find Just or Julius (aka. Dionne and Julius Steinhoff) behind the counter handing you the best selection of deep house this part of Germany has to offer.

Smallville Record Store

Pudel club.

On the Hamburg harbor lays a little piece of nightclub heaven. Pudel Club is SOOOO small and has a shabby décor and graffiti all over, but don’t let that fool you - this is high quality clubbing. Their insane dj calendar if proof of that, especially Sunday nights are magical, here they often focus on the experimental “bassy” djs and live acts. Last time I was there Martyn was on, and it was amazing.

Words: Najaaraq Vestbirk