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The central team at Dunkel Radio is Najaaraq Vestbirk, Daniel Bruhn, Emma Blake and Oscar Börjeson, and each of them acts like they’ll die of boredom if they don’t have at least another 10 projects orbiting their person at any one time.

Najaaraq provides a glimpse at the Dunkel Radio Diary, for the purposes of bragging, shameless self-promotion, and possibly also as a point of reference for some of the more forgetful members of the crew.

Daniel Bruhn Jensen is Dunkel Radio’s label manager, but as Dee Brown he runs Copenhagen Underground Posse, along with Daniel Savi (2400 Operator), Jonas Rotne, and the ever-ubiquitous men-about-town Marc Helt and Mikkel Ulriksen.

They know how to keep things interesting, moving their parties from one location to the next, and never announcing too soon in advance. That birthday brunch you’ve been planning for your grandmother? Not gonna happen if they drop one of their signature announcements: Date, lineup, location: TBA.

My personal favorite event of 2013 was the tunnel party they threw during STRØM Festival. It was basically the incarnation of the perfect off-location party, filled with good energy, amazing music, and buckets of sweat.

CUP are also working on an exciting new project which I can’t disclose here, but Jus-Ed gives away a little a hint in the following video:

CUP on Facebook

Shortly after Emma Blake stepped in as our editor last summer, we decided to start making music together. DJing together naturally followed, and we teamed up with talented techno selector Sara Svanholm and UK Garage enthusiast Simone Øster (who is also working at STRØM Festival for their kids project) and formed Apeiron.

We’ll be taking up too much room in the booth at the following:

We’re starting a monthly Thursday night residency in Vesterbro’s newly-reopened Det Gule Hus. They’re letting us bring Simone’s own homemade alcoholic elixir that she has dubbed ‘Ling Ling’. It tastes amazing and gets you absolutely hammered, as any good moonshine should.

We’ll be playing our favourite house, techno, garage and electro and knocking back our favourite dodgy booze like there’s no tomorrow, or at least like it’s not a school night.

Catch us on the last Thursday of every month.

Galaxy 1
This is the big one for Apeiron. We’ve been keeping it under our hats for a while now, but Xosar dropped it discreetly with a tour date announcement, and now it seems a few of those ‘in the know’ have already joined the dots.

For those who don’t know: The Apeiron Crew want to invite you to embark on an intergalactic adventure with us. First stop: Galaxy ONE.

Lift-off from Harvey, 23rd May.

Daniel has gone from on-the-day volunteer last year to team member and organizer for this year’s series of Søndagsvenner events.

Søndagsvenner brought us breath of fresh air to the Copenhagen scene last year, as an all-day party, both for the fresh ones who had a good night’s sleep and were ready to go, and and the ones still out from the night before who were ready to chill or keep it going.

With a genuinely warm and inclusive atmosphere, fun and interesting activities, and great music from our local heroes, Søndagsvenner felt like Copenhagen’s mini Woodstock, whilst managing to stay well out of the realm of fake quasi-hippy bullshit that these kinds of events sometimes sadly slip into.

They are currently planning this summer's events, and I can’t wait.
Follow them on FB for info on upcoming dates:

Our graphic designer Oscar Börjeson made a movie. To be precise, he was the Production Designer of the Danish shortfilm ‘Søn’, instructed by Kristoffer Kiørboes, which means that Oscar designed and decorated the set for the film.

The film won the ‘Special Mention’ prize at this year’s Berlin film festival, which is pretty amazing, although I’m sure it was absolutely deserved.

Words: Najaaraq Vestbirk

Dunkel Radio’s next broadcast is on Friday 11th April on 95,5 FM or