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Phono Festival
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PHONO Festival is happening in Odense 12th-14th September. Dunkel Radio selects a guide to the three Danish acts not to be missed on the lineup this year.

Our favourite fleeting annual brush with real innovation in Odense is coming up once again. PHONO has a reputation among the burgeoning mass of Danish festivals as managing to remain consistently forward-thinking in their lineup curation and setting choice for their unique weekend of excessive low frequency stimulation and machine adoration.

Age Coin
The pair, comprised of members from Danish acts Lower and Vår, have a wonderful take on boisterous industrial, ambient and techno in the same dark and grandiose universe as UK duo Raime.

Sleep, You Restless Heart
Three locals from the Odense underground scene with a seriously impressive collection of hardware, geared up for a live set elegantly inspired by 90s Chicago house and acid.

Member of the art collective Yoyo oyoy, Toke Tietze Mortensen is the man behind a vast number of exciting musical projects, from drone works and conceptual compositions to making his own home-built instruments. We don't know exactly what he will be bringing to the plate as he opens this year's festival, but we can say we are pretty damn excited to find out.

Phono Festival