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Dunkel Radio's Andreas Rosendal lists the dance floor jams that float his boat at this moment in time.

Andrès - Jazz Dance

Deep and jazzy house track from the master Andrés.

Oskar Offermann - It's Gonna Be Heaven

This guy really gets me. Insane deep and groovy track. Reminds me of Dunkel!

Moodymann - Bitch Wanna Ride My Dick

Really digging the vocals. Moodymann is a beast!

Rootstrax - Harlequin

Deep bassline that goes straight to the heart.

Christopher Rau - Last Time Was So Good

Banger track from the german producer Christopher Rau. Really digging the chords.

Samuel André Madsen - Fragmentation

Danish up-and-coming producer Samuel André Madsen does it again! BIG UPS!

Amir Alexander - Gutter Flex

I've really been digging this Chicago-based producer lately. Deep and atmospheric house track with a bassline that yells "deeeeepneeeesss".

Paris Underground Trax - Hardcore Deep House (My Love Is Underground)

Just got this on repress. French deep chord 90's house mania!

Kristine W - Don't Wanna Think (Kaoz 6:23 Again)

I just simply can't resist tracks from the house-guru mr. Kerri Chandler. One Raw, 90s house track

Chic - Everybody Dance (12" Mix)

Old, groovy disco track. Perfect for the morning hours...