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Dunkel Radio Recommends: The 5 electronic acts you simply cannot miss at Roskilde Festival 2013


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Tired of the endless amount of burned out, home-built sound systems blasting (awful) music in the campsites? Then your agony is over, as the festival site opens today! So stop the beer-bowling and come on up and rave with us to these amazing acts.

Daedelus - Friday 05.07.13 - 00:00 – Apollo

Computer-wizard and madman Daedelus will be blowing up the Apollo stage with his mirage of disorienting beats, sugar-speedy jazz and chipmunk voices. The manic sounds will be accompanied by a pretty unique show, which includes a wall of mirrors, special lights and projections that create the impression of standing inside a giant mirror ball. Pretty cool, right?

Flume - Sunday 07.07.13 - 14:30 – Apollo

Beat-designer and young gun Flume of Australia has with his twisted, looping, dreamy beats tranquilized everyone in his path, including the allmighty rock-magazine Rolling Stone. On his self-titled debut album, Flume shows no fear of genre-hopping. Ranging from slow-mo R&B á la Flying Lotus to sub-driven dub step and hip-hop, his concert might just be as uncompromising and surprising as the album.

Vatican Shadow - Saturday 06.07.13 - 17:00 - Gloria

Industrial downbeat techno and soundscapes with a statement. Dominick Fernow finds his inspiration for his Vatican Shadow alias through Islamic uprisings across the world, military buildups and “blood-dripping partisan warfare.” So expect utter darkness when the American takes on the intimate Gloria stage.

Andy Stott - Friday 05.07.13 - 14:00 - Gloria

“This is deep. 10.000 ft. deep” says the top comment on Andy Stott’s “Passed Me By” on youtube. This is probably the most perfectly fitting description of the Englishman’s productions. Andy Stott’s concert on the Gloria stage will hopefully be as physical an experience as a listen to his vast back catalogue stretching over dubbed out dubstep to sluggish minimal techno,

Numbers (Rustie, Jackmaster, Oneman, Spencer, Deadboy, Redinho and Sophie) – Saturday 06.07.13 - 20:00 - Apollo

A tour-de-force of Glasgow’s absolute prime will be taking over the Apollo stage for a solid 8 hours. Techno, house, hip-hop, disco, UK funky – you name it. The dogmas of electronic music are bound to be disobeyed on this night in July.