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Club I/O

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Dunkel Radio's Andreas Rosendal had a talk with the co-host Torsten Cordes about his new monthly club i/ O.

No entrance fee, good location, nice sound and good music is what i / O is all about.

On March 22, 2013 a new club was launched at Block 66 in Copenhagen's Meat Packing District, by Torsten Cordes and Rune Finseth under the name i / O.

Torsten had been playing at Block 66 a couple of times before the launch and was at first sight. With the mixture of darkness and coolness and the sound the room reflected, Torsten thought it was the perfect combination for the idea he had in mind.

"We wanted to emphasize the Danish electronic artists and DJs and have some international artists too. There is no specific genre definition, which means that anything from 80s disco to harsh, 4/4 techno is allowed", Torsten says.

Since the legendary Dunkel Bar closed in the summer 2012, the amount house and techno artists featuring both local and international artists have been reduced to a minimum. The rendezvous for many DJs and producers suddenly disappeared and they all eventually split up.

"One of the main intentions was also to create a place where old clubbers and newcomers could come and get their weekend techno-fix or discover some different and new music".

Keep your eyes wide open...this is a big one!

Club i/O