Dunkel Radio Presents: Maskinrum Live Podcast #3


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The third monthly podcast of Maskinrum is now available for your listening pleasure with Aebeloe (Farver Music, Averos) and Liquido (Pattern Abuse, Secret Selector Selections)

After having presented four of the finest electro acts Copenhagen has to offer, we decided to expand our horizon and invite over the prime of Aarhus, Jutland, for our third event on the 17th of April. Electronica wiz-kid Aebeloe and the brains behind the new label Pattern Abuse Liquido lined up their mechanics and showed us some real machine funk. All music in the video above is taken from the live recordings.

Aebeloe plays the kind of electronic music that is quite frankly impossible to put under one genre-umbrella. The Aarhus-based musician Natal Zaks is the man behind the name, who is also involved in projects like Averos, Escar and Mislyd. he is also the head of the electronic record label Farver Music. Ambient, house, trip hop, glitch, techno and 2-step is what inspires Natal, genres which are all glimpsed at in his vast creative output of electronic compositions. Despite the loose-fitting genre-pants, Aebeloes uncompromising attention to every single detail in his perfectly balanced, nostalgic sound library is what makes his music so bloody good whatever genre he makes.


LIQUIDO aka Jacob Bogh resides in Copenhagen and has just released his debut album on his own label, Pattern Abuse, which offers up dubbed out beats, thundering strings, minimalistic hiphop-electronica, and soft, danceable 80's-inspired house music. Bogh's sound is retrospective in its use of classic TR-909 drum sounds and flimsy synthesizers, while maintaining a forward-looking and eclectic vision in his sound processing and composition. Besides producing, Jacob ran the blog Liquido.dk where his Secret Selector Selections-series has given electronic music-nerds a peek inside Danish DJ's and producer's record bags, like Le Gammeltoft, MHM One and 2000F.



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