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The Polaron Collective was established "within the void of the Danish electronic music scene for serious underground club music, to bring together like- minded people and showcase the broad and diverse sound of the Danish underground". Their second free compilation "Polaron Selections #2" is being released today, and in light of that occasion Dunkel Radio's Daniel Bruhn Jensen interviewed the two men behind the project.

Nicolas Hansen and Henrik Koefod established Polaron in April 2012 and released their first compilation "Polaron Selections #1" on May 1st. It featured both up-and-coming and renowned artists including; Drum & bass connoisseur Beastie Respond, LFO house duo Carbeck and "bass" producers Hors, Plasticsun and Kilimanjaro. The compilation received heavy support both locally and internationally, and it was even bigged up by the most excellent American music blog, XLR8R.

"Our goal with Polaron is to expose ours and our good friends' music, to a wider audience and to strengthen the relationship between like-minded producers around the country. Denmark is such a small country with an even smaller scene for this music, so it's easy to hook up with the coolest guys out there." say Henrik and Nicolas, who apart from running the project are also quite known in the underground circuit under their production guises Erosion Flow and Variete. "We want to make 2-3 free compilations a year, but we also have plans of expanding our project into a vinyl label in the future. We would also love to add more people to our ever-growing collective, so please send us your tracks!"

D: What are your favorite tracks on your compilations?

H: "The track "Tom Tom" Plasticsun did for the new compilation is crazy good."
N: "Beastie Respond’s track “NV Pimpwalk” on our first compilation. We are honored to have him onboard for the project."

D: Who do you think will become the next Danish underground producer to break through on the international scene?

H: "I'm sure that my friend Hors (Selections #1) is going to break through at some point. He is keeping it pretty low-key at the moment, but he's got some cool-ass stuff coming up."

N: "Beastie Respond, without a doubt. He is already completely on the right track, having played at Roskilde Festival and releasing his first LP later this year. It's not a question if he is going to breakthrough; it's just a question of when."

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