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Dunkel Radio are Copenhagen's preeminent underground radio station. And they've been nice enough to grace our space with a monthly guest post. This month Najaraaq had a chat with Berlin-based, enigmatic producer, Phoebe Kiddo.

'Machinedrum is my weapon of choice', the nomadic producer Phoebe Kiddo states when I virtually “meet” her for the first time on a Friday afternoon in a Skype call. The video function allows me a glimpse into the Berlin studio she is currently occupying and finishing up what is going to be her debut release.

Surrounded by a horde of vintage synthesizers she clarifies the difficulties attached to a traveling life, combined with ‘a [major] thing’ for impractical music equipment: 'Every time I move I have to ditch almost all of my clothes, and just take synthesizers and one small bag- its always a tradeoff, cause I can’t physically carry more than that with me.' With a major in sound from the Melbourne Royal Institute of Technology, Phoebe has been making music for more than half a decade, which makes you wonder why she hasn't released anything before now.

' I never sent music to record labels, I’ve just quietly been plugging away, exploring and developing my own artistic voice, and in no rush to publish work. I know you can get stuck in a trap of always wanting things to be better, but fortunately I have a record label and all of my friends just going: “Stop writing songs and just put it together!” It’s just not been a priority of mine to push music out in to the world, not until I’m really satisfied with it, and it reflects a unique gift. I guess that I’ve kind of come to that point now.'

Indeed she has, and the goosebumps-evoking track ‘Psyche’, which you can check out below, is very much proof of this.

Each month we at Dunkel Radio will guest blog a feature about a talented new artist here on the AIAIAI website. Stay tuned.

Words: Najaaraq Vestbirk // Dunkel Radio