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Three labels has become synonymous with the house & techno vinyl scene in Denmark: Echocord, Tartelet Records and Teal Recordings. But a fourth might be added to this list in the near future: Nord Records.

Århus-based label Nord Records was established in May 2012 by Christoffer Kejlstrup and Anders Vendelbo, and their first EP release 'Fragmentation' by Samuel André Madsen hit the shops last month to great acclaim, selling out quickly on several webshops.

The artist roster for their future releases include two very cool international names (whom I unfortunately can't reveal in this article), and with support from DJ Spider, Amir Alexander, Esther Duijn, Spencer Parker and Michael Nadjé, their future is certainly looking pretty exciting.

Christoffer Kejlstrup and Anders Vendelbo established the vinyl only imprint Nord Records because they thought Denmark was missing a true underground techno & house label.'There's only a handful of cool labels in Denmark, but many cool producers. We made Nord Records to put out music from friends, ourselves and of some of our own personal favorite producers', Christoffer told me over Skype.

The output of Nord will be limited to 3-4 EPs a year and there will be no represses. The second release is scheduled for winter, and will feature one of the two 'secret' international producers.

The first artist on the label is CPH-based producer/DJ Samuel André Madsen, whose Detroit / Chicago-inspired style of house & techno has been released on highly respected labels such as DJ Jus-Ed's Underground Quality, german Nsyde Music and DK's own Tartelet Records, and Samuel is definitely is one of the most interesting Danish producers as per now.

Christoffer and Anders visited Samuel in his Copenhagen flat a year ago where he played them a track that later became the title track off the EP "Fragmentation". 'After we heard Fragmentation Anders and I knew that this had to be the first release on our label. A few months after our dream came true, so here we are with the release.'


Words: Daniel Bruhn Jensen /// Dunkel Radio