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Detroit youngster Jay Daniel jumped up the ranks from being completely unknown in 2012 to being now regarded as one of the keenest new house DJs (and producers) on the underground circuit. His 2-hour set at Distortion Festival on Wednesday the 4th of July cemented these claims and made us feel obligated to delve into the Sound Signature & Wild Outs affiliated musician's discography.

"…[In March 2013] I gave Theo [Parrish] a CD with some tracks that I made. He didn’t get to play them out that night, but he ended up playing them overseas and he was feeling them… I met up with him [later on back in Detroit] and gave him two more tracks, and he liked them. It all happened right then and there. After a few hours it was a done deal."

Fast forward 6 months and Jay Daniel's debut Scorpio Rising was out on Parrish' Sound Signature - which is arguably amongst the most respected Detroit house labels of our time. A perfect startup for Daniel, who now only 9 months later can be found on hot line-ups across the world, from Dimensions to Detroit Movement and Distortion Festival. If you happened to miss his performance at Distortion, we picked out his top productions and a sublime DJ-set to make you regret you weren’t there even more (sorry).

Brainz off Jay Daniel's debut Scorpio Rising is a crushed out percussive house tool with an immense bounce.

The melodic No Love I Lost strolls along with distorted snare rolls and a pounding kick, as an underlying reverberated synth line rises infinitely.

Royal Insanity off his second EP Karmatic Equations on fellow Detroiter Kyle Hall's Wild Oats imprint is the deepest output from Jay Daniel. Swinging drums start off the track where a sulky bassline joins in and makes for an irresistible groove. Small Juno-esque strings and synth stabs compliment the back-groove, as it churns away for a solid 7-minutes.

His latest visit to the Boiler Room was in London in the Sounds of the Universe shop, where he laid it down with a mix of classics (including his mom Naomi Daniel's Planet E hit Stars and Tom Browne's Thigh's High) plus some new productions from himself and Kyle Hall.

Words: Daniel Bruhn Jensen